诉讼支持 & 法律服务

Attorneys rely on the ability to re搜索 and communicate complex technology and 金融 issues. Our experts are accustomed to compiling and analyzing information following strict evidence handling procedures and methodology.

明升体育app下载调查结果可能需要有能力的专家证人作证. You can have confidence that LBMC 咨询 服务 professionals have expert testimony experience in Federal and numerous state courts.


Litigation involving complex 金融 and economic issues requires compiling and analyzing large amounts of accounting, 金融, statistical and economic information which then must be summarized and presented in a clear and convincing manner. 律师们依靠LBMC来帮助他们进行研究, 理解, 总结和沟通这些复杂的问题. 通过有意义的报告呈现明升体育app下载结论, visual aids and effective expert testimony allows us to properly educate and advise counsel, 当事人和事实的审判者.


  • 协助准备审讯和要求出示文件
  • 研究和分析财务问题
  • 确定经济损失
  • 协助准备证词和审判
  • 提供专家证人证言

明升体育app下载诉讼支持专家已经习惯了严格的交叉询问, and our experience has given us insight into what triers of fact expect and need from a CPA in preparation for trial and in court. 我们需要提供法务会计服务的领域包括:

  • 由于下列原因造成的利润损失:
    • 违反合同
    • 不公平竞争
    • 商标和贸易侵权
  • 欺诈及贪污
  • 企业估值
  • 合伙人与股东纠纷
  • 皇室会计





Today’s technology is embedded in almost every aspect of our business and personal lives. 依靠现代科技, investigating digital devices is a necessity to avoid missing crucial details regarding the activities and communications that could be otherwise unknown.

LBMC 网络安全 has invested in “best of breed” computer forensics software platforms and tools to efficiently and effectively preserve and analyze computers, 存储介质, and mobile devices of all types to recover artifacts that may otherwise have been unknown.

Our certified forensic analysts follow strict evidence handling procedures and employ a forensics analysis methodology that has been built on more than 10 years of experience to assist you.

While the details of our analysis are often case-specific, the basics of this methodology include:

  • 制定详细的计算机活动时间表
  • Identifying and recovering electronic communications outside of conventional email (webmail, 短信, 等.)
  • 网络活动分析
  • 确定和分析“云”存储的使用情况(谷歌文档,Dropbox等).)
  • 调查社交媒体活动
  • 恢复和分析删除的信息
  • 了解有关执行的应用程序历史
  • 恢复和分析视频和图片
  • 详细说明可移动媒体的使用(USB驱动器,打印机等).)
  • 确定创建、打开、打印等文档.


  • 员工盗窃
  • 就业纠纷
  • 商业纠纷
  • 欺诈
  • 国内事务
  • 内部威胁活动
  • 互联网调查
  • 专利/版权侵权
  • 与数据泄露相关的事件响应


由于我们在数字取证和电子取证方面的丰富经验, LBMC 网络安全’s experts provide a full spectrum of litigation support services to law firms and corporate legal teams. Our Electronic Discovery services methodology is based on the accepted Electronic Discovery Reference Model (ERDM). 明升体育app下载诉讼支持服务可以在EDRM生命周期的每个阶段提供价值.


Our litigation support experts will assist in developing readiness assessment for future eDiscovery 请求. This assessment will review existing electronically stored information (ESI) data maps, 会提供数据保留建议吗, 并能设计诉讼应诉程序.


Our experts will assist you in both identifying and locating potentially-relevant ESI sources.


We will ensure that the relevant ESI is collected in a cost-effective and forensically-sound manner. 我们还将维持适当的监管链,以确保法庭可受理. We will further ensure the ESI is properly protected against inappropriate alteration or destruction.


我们使用适当的工具和方法.g., removing system files, keyword 搜索ing, de-duplication, designated timeframes, 等.)来减少ESI的体积并进行转换, 如果有必要的话, 为法律审查和陈述阶段做准备.


在必要的时候, 我们将提供必要的平台,以有效审查ESI的相关性, 特权, 等. 我们也会提供所需的制作格式. 这项技术将通过成本效益高的方式提供, 基于云的解决方案, 以及必要的培训.


There are few eDiscovery matters or forensic investigations that do not involve mobile devices. LBMC利用最先进的移动取证平台, 结合丰富的经验, 收集, 过程, 并提取移动设备的内容. 为客户提供可预测的成本, LBMC has a standard per device fee to extract all available information from mobile devices. 然后以数字格式提供信息,以便于分析, 搜索, 报告以法医可靠的方式寻求信息. 数字报告也可以上传到现代eDiscovery审查平台.


Unpredictable costs are a common concern that can deter the value of forensic investigations of computers. 利用认证专家和有证言经验的专家, LBMC offers a Flash Forensic Investigation with a fixed fee to determine whether the computer contains activities of value to the situation. This due diligence effort can alleviate concerns of missing valuable digital information and determine how to properly leverage information available if further analysis and reporting is warranted.


对于不习惯响应电子发现请求的组织, 对于代表他们的律师来说,这个过程往往是压倒性的和有压力的. In working with organizations of all sizes for decades to prepare for and respond to eDiscovery 请求, LBMC has an 电子发现项目开发 offering to construct a defensible 过程 that, 基于电子发现参考模型(EDRM), 为组织准备电子发现请求. The program development includes relevant phases from the EDRM from data mapping to production of electronically stored information (ESI) sought.

LBMC 网络安全’s litigation support experts work closely with our clients to ensure your needs are handled in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


从天气灾害或全球健康危机,许多公司都可能经历 业务中断. 因此,企业可能会寻求利用业务中断保险.

在大多数商业中断保险政策下, to file a claim the business must experience a physical loss or the damage must generally occur on the insured’s premises. 营业中断延期,如或有营业收入, 入口/出口, 失去吸引力, and even civil authority claims all require physical loss or damage by a covered peril.

许多财产政策都不包括病原微生物, 病毒, 以及致病因子, 因此,仔细审视这项政策是谨慎的.

LBMC partners with attorneys in three ways as part of the 业务中断 insurance claims filing 过程.

  • 量化业务收入损失.
  • 与保险公司合作解决具体的索赔问题.
  • 提供诉讼支持和专家证人证言.







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